Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inspirational story of local teacher recovering from neck-down paralysis

This is an truly inspirational video of local Nashua teacher Kelly Downing, who became paralyzed from the neck down from chronic Lyme Disease. Recovering from running injuries doesn't seem that big a deal when you see what Kelly and her husband Josh, a fellow fifth grade teacher in Nashua, and their family had to suddenly deal with.  It has been an ongoing struggle for Kelley to recover, but her faith, hope, hard work, and supremely positive outlook and spirit is a model to everyone who hopes to achieve small or large victories over difficult circumstances. I give a symbolic "Recover Your Stride" award to Kelley for showing so many people that she has what it takes to achieve her goals.

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Anonymous said...

What an awe inspiring story. Kelly is amazing and it helps us to put our running injuries into perspective. Her family and her teams effort was so valuable and what a reward for everyone!