Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hey, Ho ElliptiGO: Increasing the miles and alternate Tour de France bikes

I am having a wonderful summer riding my ElliptiGO all over the place. I had my best week of mileage and I am still smiling during all my rides and even after them (nothing hurts)!

ElliptiGO miles for July 15-21
Monday: 20 miles
Tuesday: 7 miles
Wednesday: 20 miles
Thursday: 32 miles
Friday: 34 miles
Saturday: 32 miles
Sunday: 58 miles ( I did what I thought was a 60 mile ride last week (my gps died near the end and I estimated) and it turns out the ride was only a little more than 58 miles so I had to adjust last weeks distances too)
Total weekly miles: 203 miles
Total ElliptiGO miles: 701 miles (30 days)

On one of the super hot days, I finally stopped at the Coke machine one family has put in their back yard along the Nashua River Rail Trail. That also kept me smiling!

I really have found the perfect workout tool, but if I were looking for a new type of bike, I would not choose either of these two models:

This is a joke (I think) called a treadmill bike. It sort of looks like an ElliptiGO, but I guess you would get the pounding of running on a treadmill!

I love this photo of this old time big wheel bike descending with some kickbike/footbikes at this year's Tour de France. I already have a kickbike. Notice how this guy is belly up on the saddle in order to descend. Actually, I am not sure I would like to try this, but I guess he has been riding the Tour de France route on this bike.

This year a bunch of kickbikers have been riding the Tour de France route. Here is a short video of them on stage 14.

Not to be outdone, ElliptiGOs have also been seen at this years Tour de France. Here an Elliptigo makes its way up Alpes d'Huez.

There were no sighting of the treadmill bike at this year's Tour de France!

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