Monday, July 1, 2013

First ten days on the ElliptiGO

I am really enjoying my ElliptiGO. In the ten days that I have owned it, I have ridden it for a total of 214 miles.

Saturday's ride
June 21 Friday : 15 miles
June 22 Saturday: 15 miles
June 23 Sunday: 32 miles
June 24 Monday: 8 miles
June 25 Tuesday: 32 miles
June 26 Wednesday: 8 miles
June 27 Thursday: 30 miles
June 28 Friday: 16 miles
June 29 Saturday: 50 miles
June 30 Sunday: 8 miles

It feels so good to be outdoors and working out, feeling the heart pumping and the lungs expanding, and getting a workout very similar to running, but without the pounding. Most importantly, I get no hip joint or any other pain. The muscles around both hips are still knotted up pretty well, but I can feel my strength returning and the ElliptiGO is so fun to ride. I would not want to be riding my road bike for these distances, because of all the discomfort and how my body feels tweaked out of alignment after a ride. On the ElliptiGO, I just keep going. And since I am standing up, I get to see more of my surroundings than I do when hunched over a bicycle or when I am focused in on my running.

Ugh, the Hollis Fast 5K, a race experience I would like to forget.
It is hard to believe that two weeks ago when I ran the Hollis Fast 5K how out of shape I felt due to not being able to run (22:59.6 on a course I used to go 5 minutes faster on). The sad thing was, I had absolutely no enjoyment running even 5k downhill and I was limping for two days after the race.  I thought I would have another summer of sitting on the couch hoping that my hip would improve and getting and feeling more out of shape. Now, I can do up to 50 miles (for now) and just feel energized when I am done while feeling stronger and with better posture and movement patterns. The ElliptiGO climbs up some pretty big hills easily enough and feels more stable than my bike on the long downhills. I look forward to my ride every day. I am just thrilled with the silly looking contraption.

ElliptiGO for Healthy Runners from ElliptiGO on Vimeo.


Jim Cremer said...

I am also thrilled with my new Elliptigo. I've had it for four weeks and it's felt like a miracle. I'm 52 and was a runner for about 30 years, never injured, etc. Two years ago, substantial right hip pain developed. Running (and often walking) became quite painful. Cycling also (compress hip angle hurts). Medical issue unclear - talk of labrum, impingement, etc. I've only glanced at your prior entries so far but situation seems perhaps similar ...
Glad it's working for you!

Jim Hansen said...

That's about right, after 37 years of running I had to stop three years ago. I did get arthroscopic surgery for my hip (torn labrum) two years ago and can't quite get the running down, but the ElliptiGO is just what I needed. I can use my hip and "run" as everything gets strengthened. Good luck with your hip, but the ELliptiGO should fit you just fine!