Sunday, May 11, 2014

ElliptiGO Every Day in May Challenge

ElliptiGO is running an Every Day in May Challenge this month. The goal is to ride every day for one of three challenge levels: at least 5 miles a day, at least 10 miles each day, or at least 20 miles each day. I chose the 20 miles per day challenge. At first I was a a bit hesitant thinking I might burn out, but now I feel strong and am enjoying doing all the miles and extra miles. So far the weather has been kind, but I am ready to go out and ride even if there is heavy rain. This week I set a new personal record for miles ridden in one week on my ElliptiGO. I hit 254 miles and every ride was over 30 miles. My total for May so far is 357 miles.

May 1- 25.7 miles (Cape Cod Marathon/Falmouth Road Race courses)
May 2- 23.2 miles
May 3-  24.0 miles
May 4-  30.1 miles
May 5-  30.1 miles
May 6-  33.0 miles
May 7-  36.3 miles
May 8- 30.2 miles
May 9- 30.0 miles
May 10- 52.3 miles
May 11- 42.6 miles

Here are a few photos I took of Hollis, NH while I was out riding one day this week.

Actually this old dead tree in is Pepperell, MA. 

The Ibera Clip-On Quick-Release Bicycle Handlebar DSLR Camera Bag with All Weather Rain Cover
on the front of my ElliptiGO is an excellent camera bag. It snaps easily onto the front handlebars and can be just as easily clipped off and used as a shoulder bag. It holds my camera and a telephoto lens securely with extra room. It has easy access zippers and pockets as well as a clear window to put maps under. I think I will use it not only for days where I just want to relax and takek photos, but also for food and drinks when I am doing a century. Now, I just have to be willing to stop and take pictures when I ride.

Clipped onto the cover of the bag is a Nathan Strobe Light I got for under ten dollars at the Boston Marathon Expo. I have been finishing some of my rides at dusk and if it starts getting dark, I just clip this to the back of the collar of my shirt or jacket and hit the button (once for solid LED lights and again if I want them to blink). The lights are quite bright and I feel a whole lot safer coming home with this blinking a warning to cars that may not see me.

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