Friday, May 2, 2014

How Meb Keflezighi used an ElliptiGO to win the Boston Marathon

I think that Meb won the 2014 Boston Marathon mostly on training, heart, and brains. All the elite runners do the training, but Meb knows exactly what he needs to do to race to his best and his does it. During last few miles with Wilson Chebet gaining on him rather quickly, I believe he ran with so much heart knowing he "had" to win Boston. Meb is very attentive to details and one of those details is training on an ElliptiGO. No, he doesn't just pose on one for pictures! In this Runner's World article: How Meb Keflezighi Trained to Win the Boston Marathon we learn some of the many details that led to Meb's success including how he used the EllipitGO in his training before Boston.

“I know I have to have my body prepared to handle the pounding of the marathon. You can’t ignore that. But I also have to stay healthy,” says Keflezighi, who has a history of injury. “I do my main run in the morning, but then for my second workout I often would rather be on the ElliptiGO than take the risk of a 30-minute run in the afternoon.”
Keflezighi typically rides between 10 and 20 miles on his ElliptiGO, which is one of his sponsors. “I ride at a pretty good effort,” he says. “I wear my heart rate monitor just for fun. It’s usually around 117, 118,” compared at 118-122 for a typical easy run. On days when he runs twice, he rides the ElliptiGO around noon, a couple of hours after finishing his main run of the day. During his peak preparation for Boston, he rode the ElliptiGO most days in a 9-day cycle.

Here Meb goes into more detail into his cross-training on the ElliptiGO for his buildup to Boston.

From Meb Minutes an 8 video series on Meb and his buildup to Boston.

I am happily using my ElliptiGO to help me recover my stride!

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