Sunday, November 15, 2015

Extending My Rides: NiteRIder Lumina 550 and Light and Motion VIS 180

Last month as it was getting darker earlier and earlier, I often found myself racing the darkness home on my ElliptiGO. I decided I needed to be safer in those moments and see if I could extend my riding in the dark, so I broke down and bought some bike lights for my ElliptiGO.

After much research, I still wasn't sure which lights to buy, but I ended up with the NiteRider Lumina 550 Headlight. It is a a model between the two NiteRider models recommended on the ElliptiGO site. It is charged by USB and it can blink as well as have a steady beam of light at three different intensities. I was amazed by how much it lit up the the road and felt completely safe riding in the dark with this light. On the ElliptiGO you want to place it as close to you can to the midpoint of the handlebars so the beam isn't angled out to the side. The rubber band holding it to the bar is easy to set up and holds it securely. The on/off button glows blue when it is in use and red (as I found out today) when it needs recharging, but I still rode for 30 minutes more and got home without losing light. Riding at night opens up a whole nother world!

I would have been happy trying the NiteRider Solas 40 Taillight as well, but wasn't assured that it was easy to attach to my ElliptiGO. On a friends recommendation, I bought the Light and Motion VIS 180 Degree Micro Bike Light and quite easily attached it to the rear reflector. I secured it with some Cable Ties so that it didn't fall off unnoticed by me. This light works great and can also blink. It is also easy to recharge by its USB plug. I noticed cars going wide around me as I rode in the dark and I guess that is the desired outcome! I also bought a cheap clipon Nathan Strobe Light to put on the back of my shirt or jacket as I ride. It gives extra protection and it can also blink or give a steady light. Now I am in full nerd mode, but I am much safer and can ride longer while I add another dimension of fun and experiences to my riding!

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