Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 Falmouth Mile Men's Race

Saturday night, after the Falmouth Women's mile, I watched the Men's mile. There was no wind and the temperature seemed great for a fast time. I stood next to Falmouth chiropractor, Sean Gallagher. He has volunteered for years at the road race and I have also seen him at the Cape Cod Marathon doing adjustments and massages after the races. Every year I say hello and visit the massage tent as soon as I finish the road race. He was hosting one of the milers, Darren Brown, at his house.

After the race I saw former Falmouth High School cross-country and track standouts Duncan Warden and Ed Nemeth. When I first ran cross-country as a freshman in high school I was the worst guy on the team. Duncan was a senior captain and Ed was a super sophomore. I have seen Duncan at races throughout the years, and saw Ed and a couple former Falmouth runners a couple of years ago at Falmouth for the first time since I was in ninth grade (I went to a private school on Long Island for the rest of my high school years). When I first ran for Falmouth the new high school had just been built. Now it has been undergoing extreme renovations. The track was renovated years ago. It is nice to see such a stellar running field each year on my hometown track.

Here is the video I shot of the start, each lap, and the finish. Darren Brown dropped out at 1000 meters. Will Leer from Eugene, OR won the mile in 3:57.2. Stephen Pifer, also of Eugene, ran 3:58.58, Tommy Schmitz, of Mineral Pt., WI ran 4:00.80, Sean Brosnan, of Eugene, OR ran 4:06.15, and Josephat Keino, from Kenya ran 4:11.17.

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