Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wall Street Journal Article about 2000 Boston Marathon

It is not every day that you make the Wall Street Journal. But on Friday there I was mentioned as a Boston Marathon straggler. I am in the company of a very heavy man running Boston and the oldest Boston Marathon finisher. It seems the WSJ found the old story from 2000 when the Nashua School District wouldn't let me take a personal day to run the Boston Marathon. I taught my day of school and then headed down to Hopkinton to meet up with race director Dave McGillivray at 4:00 and we ran the marathon a bit later than everyone else. It was an interesting day and an unusual way to run the race.

Here are some articles about the 2000 Boston Marathon: interview before the race post race article article

Here are a few picture from the 2000 Boston Marathon. (1) I am greeting Dave McGillivray (2) in the first wave of the evening marathon (3) being inverviewed after the race (4) with teachers from my school who came out to cheer and support me (and two of my kids)

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