Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The half-kneeling kettlebell windmill

This is a new variation on the kettlebell windmill exercise. Sometimes I have problems with a standing windmill when creating too much torque or an improper twisting motion and not being as stable as I should be while moving on on my feet. Mitch Hauschildt of Maximum Training Solutions, discusses the 1/2 kneeling windmill as an alternative in the first part of a 3 part series on this dynamic and effective movement that forces mobility with stability. The first two parts are below. The third video has not been uploaded. These are good for hip and lower back problems, so grab a kettlebell and see how these work for you.

I see that Pavel Tsatsouline has a new kettlebell ebook out today: Kettlebell - Simple & Sinister. Pavel narrows down the kettlebell experience to two moves: the swing and the get-up and when you think of kettlebells you think of Pavel. I have been getting back into kettlebells and have been thinking of making December a 10,000 swing challenge month, something I accomplished once back in April of 2011. Another interesting kettlebell ebook comes from Sean Schniederjan,  The Missing Manual - Precise Kettlebell Mechanics for Power and Longevity (Simple Strength). Sean's ebooks are usually very simple and precise about what you need to do to be move properly.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What do you think is inside of a Hoka One One running shoe?

Over at Freakrunner, we learn what the inside of a Hoka One One shoe really looks like, when a Evo Stinson model is sliced in half. I sure was expecting a whole lot more foam inside one of those shoes! Take a look at the photos on The Secret I Learned by Cutting My Hoka Evo Stinson Running Shoes in Half. The foam going up the outsides of the shoe makes one think that it has to be inches thick. Surprise! That outer foam does rap around the foot for a bathtub-like effect and creates that impression that the foam is much higher. The Hokas still have a wide foot base and slight rocker sole, my favorite part, to go with that cushioned ride.

Meanwhile, if that still looks like too much cushioning for you, you might like the Hoka One One Rapa Nui coming out in mid January. I did get an email today that Boulder Running Company has some onsale now. What I like best is the lower price: $129.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Indoor Training: Treadmill, Rowing, and indoor ElliptiGO

Indoor wheels
Now that it is getting too cold and dark to ride my ElliptiGO outdoors, I have transitioned to indoor workouts. Over the past month my mileage was limited due to a bad viral infection and nasty cough as well as the weather outdoors. I picked up a bike trainer with a adapter kit for the 20 inch tires of the ElliptiGO (CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer, CycleOps Stackable Climbing Block, CycleOps 20 and 24-Inch Wheel Adapter) and took out a ceiling tile in my basement for my head and off I GO. While not the same as riding outdoors, I get some good workout time in and have started using my old Concept 2 Rower and my treadmill. I am going real easy on the running and rowing so as to not awake any muscle that wants to lock down my hip. I am very pleased to do some cross-training and light running. In the previous month I did a few 5 minute runs around my block and survived them fine, but when I tried a 2 mile run, my hip muscles locked up the next day. It was the fifth 2 mile run I have tried since June. I hope to do the Galloping Gobbler 5K Thanksgiving Day race at a slow jog. That race is the only running streak I have left. I have competed every year they have held it. Then I hope to do some snowshoe racing this winter. I have only had one enjoyable and decently hard race since my hip surgery and that was a 10k snowshoe race last March. Snowshoe racing is much more strenuous that running, but there is not so much pounding. I am hoping that will be better for me. Whatever I do, I am going to be careful and not try to tax the muscle and ligaments around my hip. Slowly, I am getting more improvement in strength and stability as well as straightening out my many compensations from before my hip surgery more than 2 years ago.

The ElliptiGO foot platforms  remind me of my racing snowshoes! Here is why.

October 14-20 ElliptiGO 20 miles and 30 miles
October 21-27 0 miles
October 28- November 4 3 X 8 miles and 30 miles

November 4-10
Monday: 1 hour ElliptiGO, 12 min. treadmill
Tuesday: 0 min.
Wednesday: 35 min. ElliptiGO, 10 minutes rowing, 15 minutes treadmill
Thursday: 0 min.
Friday: 40 min. ElliptiGO 20 min. treadmill
Saturday: 30 min. ElliptiGO, 15 min. rowing, 15 min. treadmill
Sunday: 30 min. ElliptiGO 15 mins treadmill

Total ElliptiGO outdoor miles 2330 miles (19 weeks ending  November 4)
Total Indoor workouts: 3:15 ElliptiGO, 0:25 rowing, 1:47 treadmill