Thursday, January 29, 2015

Excellent slow motion video of Haile Gebreselassie running barefoot and with shoes

This video was just posted by James Dunne from Kinetic Revolution and it shows the great Haile Gebreselassie running in slow motion. I particularly was fascinated with the barefoot video and watching what his foot and toes do as they reach for and touch the ground.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

ElliptiGO Get On The Map Rewards

The ElliptiGO is tons of fun and a great workout and the ElliptiGO company is top-notch in every way. Last year they had a Get On The Map points competition where you could earn points for completing various activities and qualifying rides. At the end of October, they added up your earned points and you could choose rewards. I had enough to either get an engraved pewter chalice or an ElliptiGO jacket and shirt. I went with the practical over the very cool and a couple weeks ago got my awards. Now when I wear my ElliptiGO gear, I won't' get as many questions shouted out at me like, "What do you call that thing you are riding?" How many companies do you know that treat their customers so well with challenges, community, and even awards?

Here is recent ElliptiGO convert Brian Baker with me in front of Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth, MA. as we were riding the Cape Cod Marathon (and Falmouth Road Race) routes on our ElliptiGOs. I hope to do more rides with Brian and his brother Jeff as they both have recently purchased ElliptiGOs to deal with running injuries (and time off from running) or as a supplement to running training in order to stay healthier and get more training in without getting injured.