Sunday, October 26, 2008

Workouts Don't Mean Anything... But...

Workouts don't mean anything but I really should have raced this weekend. Yesterday I did my normal 8 mile route and easily ran over a minute faster on the route than I have all year. Today, I figured the workout would be a recovery run and I did not try to run hard. But the running just flowed and and I ran one minute and ten seconds faster than I did yesterday. I know how hard I normally have to run to go fast and am usually happy with a workout if I go 6 minutes slower than today, but both runs were very easy and my form felt smooth and relaxed. I wasn't even trying to go faster today and didn't even concentrate on the running except to lengthen my stride if I felt it shortening. I didn't even breathe hard except for a short sprint the last 50 yards. I wonder what would have happened if I had raced!

I guess that is called "being in in the zone" and it is something Steve W. is in right now. He ran a 5:17 track mile a few days before setting a marathon PR at Baystate of 2:58:29 and then 6 days later ran a 17:53 5k. I would be thrilled with any of those times, yet he ran them in a space of 10 days!

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