Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Am Not Missing the Eating of Ice Cream!

Day two on The Warrior Diet was terrific. I have no sugar cravings and only limited times when I feel hungry during the day. I like feeling good throughout the whole day. I enjoy the tastes of the healthy food I eat at dinner. Tomorrow we will see how this diet translates when I am at school. I am just bringing in water, cashews, sunflower seeds, a bit of cheese, an orange, and an apple. I will see if that gets me through the day. Now listen to me, previously the only food I enjoyed talking about was ice-cream.

Today I tried running on the treadmill. My hamstring is still sore and tight. I only did 2 miles slowly. I am looking at it as a good sign. I have my hip flexor feeling so good and loose that I think it changed my stride a bit (hopefully for the better)and that stressed the way I use the hamstring. Either that or I am just getting old and falling apart in new ways! I guess it is better to think positively though!

I did some more Z-Health drills today along with some work using kettlebells. I ordered a DVD from Sara Cheatham at Red Star Athletics and just recieved it yesterday. She is a top rated kettlebell instructor and Z-Health coach. If you want a DVD to get you started in kettlebells as well as Z-Health joint mobility this is a good one to get. I have learned a lot just going through the instructions to improve my kettlebell form. She offers good tips as well as top notch instruction. I was particularly interested in getting another perspective on doing the Z-Health drills. I did learn some good tips and different ways to do these movement drills and I am more clear on how to target the joints on several of the movements. Of coure there are more drills on the official Z-Health DVD's, but it is good to get a different perspective and to pick up hints on how to better perform the drills. By the way, there are warm up and warm down joint mobility drills.

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