Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Learning to Eat Healthier

Here is some good Kickbiking inspiration. Look at how smooth the strides are of these kickbikers. By the way these are not ordinary kickbikers, included in in the video are Hannu Vierikko, who developed the Kickbike in Finland, Alpo Kuusisto who among other feats completed the 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris tour in 2003 on a Kickbike, and Andres Koers who looks like another fast kickbiker! Kickbiking is as fun as it looks. Check it out.

I haven't been on my Kickbike much this year, yet! However I have had four 90 plus degree 8 mile runs in a row. I like running in the heat and humidity! The cutouts on my insoles seem to be affecting my stride for the better. It is far from perfect, but my hips are rolling through a stride much easier. The experiment is still on!

I recieved my Precision Nutrition kit last week and have been slowly reading some of the material. It is sensible. I am not looking to "diet" but to eat better. That is what this program seems to stress. Sarah cooked a few of the recipes and they were very good. I noticed the diffence in taste from eating more quality foods with spices, fruits, and veggies that I have been ignoring. Two thumbs up so far!

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