Monday, December 8, 2008

Recover the Mill City Relays Championship Trophy

Sunday was the 25th annual running of the Mill City Relays. My running club, the Gate City Striders, took the win. The results are here. The team I ran on came in 26th. I got stuck with the long 9.5 mile leg. Here is a video I made playing around with Animoto, a very neat site I have been using with my students. I used pictures of Gate City runners taken by Steve Wolfe and Frank Georges. The song is called "Hit the Ground Running" by The Alarm.


Anonymous said...

Nice Work Jim. I like the song choice. Thanks for sharing.

Chris (ie: I don't have a blogger ID)

Jim Hansen said...

Thanks Chris,
The pictures Steve took of your were really good shots. The Alarm is a great band and the song just fit real well!