Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Won Sixth Place at The Boston Marathon...

I just noticed that I finished in sixth place at the Boston Marathon....

...Prediction contest held last week at The Cassidy Feed (sort of a messy "Letsrun"ish main page with lots of interesting running news). Check it out.

Here are the top 10 results. They say full results will come later. I hope more than 10 people voted! Actually I would like to see my predictions again. There are some pretty good runners on that top ten list!

The Top 10 Results

1. Mike Morgan - 1,175 points
2. Brad Henz - 1,075 points
3. Mike Hensley - 1,000 points
4. Scott Ramberg - 1,000 points
5. Michael Kanning - 975 points
6. Jim Hansen - 950 points
7. Dennis Young - 900 points
8. Luke Vaughn - 825 points
9. Clint Wells - 825 points
10. Michael Chocky - 800 points

I think I won a Strands/Puma long sleeve tech t-shirt. Not bad for sitting around on my butt rather than running the marathon!


Girl on Top said...

LOL. Great job!

Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...

Way to go!!! I got a message from Kara Haas last night that she won the Describe "fast" in 100 words or less contest. She get to met with the Worlds Fastest Man.

Of course Kara beat you and I at the Beaver Brook snow shoe race. Kara knows Fast

Jim Hansen said...

Wow, that is good for Kara. How fun will that be? This time last year I was off to Hawaii with my wife, because I had won a trip there! I wish I could do that again!