Monday, October 12, 2009

The Genesis of "Born to Run"

Thanks to The Exuberant Animal for finding this video that shows Christopher McDougall, who is the author of the best running book in years: Born to Run, telling about the awakening he had that was the genesis of the book. In his mind, shoes are the enemy. This short video is infomative and has some great pictures for fans of the book. Whatever you think about the idea of barefoot running, "Born to Run" is an entertaining, thought provoking,  and a must read book!

Matt Metzgar recently pointed me to another article written by Christopher McDougall that can be found in this month's Men's Health magazine. It is called Everything You Know About Muscle is Wrong. It is a very good and in-depth description of the often overlooked role of fascia in the body. One of the best and only books that I have found that describe fascial stretching is Ming Chew's The Permanent Pain Cure. I wrote about the book last year here.


A Feng said...

Thanks for mentioning the Permanent Pain Cure on Matt's page. It's a great book. I don't have any chronic pain issues to speak of, but I'm hoping it will help with foot flexibility in particular and overall athletic performance in general.

Jim Hansen said...

It is a whole lot better to be preventing than it is to be recovering!