Friday, January 21, 2011

TRX Workout for Snowshoe Racers

After getting beat up at the Feel Good Farm Snowshoe race last week, I realized that there is more to snowshoe racing than just basic conditioning. I was vastly out of condition to even attempt that race, but there was something else still missing if I wanted to put my best effort into racing. The downhills were a bit scary due to lack of balance and stability and there is a different kind of strength needed when running over snow than is needed for road or easy trail running. I was happy to find this TRX Snow Sports Fourplex Workout. It may not be necessarily geared for snowshoe racers, but it certainly seems to fit the bill. The TRX is a pretty cool and useful fitness tool with unending possibilities. Douglass Burke, the director of athlete conditioning at Sugar Bowl Ski Academy leads you through the moves which are explained further here.

Here is a video on how the best racing snowshoes, Dion Showshoes, are made.

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