Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dathan Ritzenhein on warming up before a run

I only ran 3 days this week: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and did 8 miles each run as it was just perfect running weather all weekend. That is 24 miles for the week and the first time I have done 8 miles three days in a row post surgery. I also had an MRI Thursday night for my lower back. It will be interesting to see what the doctor finds. Saturday's run was dicey as I had become a bit lazy about my hip stretches and had not been warming up prior to my runs. Today I warmed up first with my stretches and loosened up a lot more. I also pushed today's run the whole way and took almost another 2 minutes off my best time for the course post surgery, however the time I posted would have been an "easy run" time prior to last year. I guess it is a good reminder to make sure that you warm up prior to your run. Here is a video of Dathan Ritzenhein demonstrating how he warms up his muscles and improves the efficiency of his running form using dynamic flexibility movements and form drills. This is not what I do or am capable of doing, but it is always interesting to see what an elite runner can do.

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