Monday, August 11, 2008

The 2008 Falmouth Mile Women's Race

Saturday night I went to the Falmouth High School track to watch the Falmouth Mile. It is always fun to watch the elite runners race on the night before the Falmouth Road Race. I started my running career on this track when I saw in ninth grade at Falmouth High School in 1973 when the High School was first opened (the track has been resurfaced since that time). It seemed like a nice night for racing as the weather was neither that hot or windy (compared to previous years).

Amy Mortimer won the female race. We like to cheer for Tiffany McWilliams as she was a student at Mississippi State University where my brother is a professor. She fininshed second. Here is a photo I took of the top women at the awards ceremony.

1. Amy Mortimer, Providence, R.I. 4:32.90 2. Tiffany McWilliams, Starkville, Miss 4:33.80 3. Jullie Culley, Arlington, Vir. 4:34.80 PR 4. MaryJayne Reeves, Newnan, Geo. 4:34.80 5. Jenelle Deatherage, St. Louis Park, Minn. 4:38.09

Here is some video I took of each lap.

Lap one:

Lap two:

Lap three:


Here is a video from of the full mile.

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