Monday, August 11, 2008

The 2008 Falmouth Mile Men's Race

The 2008 Men's race was the fastest Falmouth Mile ever as Jon Rankin raced to a 3:56.45 finish. Here is a photo I took of the men's award ceremony.

1. Jon Rankin, San Diego, Calif. 3:56.45 2. John Jefferson, Eugene, Ore. 3:56.82 PR 3. Curt Benninger, Providence RI/Canada, 3:56.99 PR 4. Mike Moran, Williamsburg, Vir. 4:00.01 5. Will Leer, Eugene, Ore. 4:00.58 6. Tim Nelson, Madison, Wisc. 4:01.14 7. Will Leer, Eugene, Ore. 4:01.14 8. Sean Quigley, Philadelphia, PA. 4:01.97 9. Jonathon Riley, Madison, Wisc. 4:02.51 10. Abiyot Endale, Ethiopia nt 11. Christian Hesch, Morro Beach, Cal nt

The recent high school grad who rabbited the race did a great job getting it out to a fast start and the runners stayed strung out from that point on as Jon Rankin took charge and held on for a fast mile. Here is some video I took of the race.

Mens start:

Lap one:

Lap two:

Lap three:


Here is the video of the Falmouth Mile.

Here is a Flotrack video interview of Jon Rankin after the race. That is my daughter Emily and myself sometimes in the background.

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