Thursday, June 25, 2009

Be Careful Out There

Early Monday evening a woman running in Nashua had a full can of Chef Boyardee thrown at her out the window of a moving car. She was hit in the chest and injured.

NASHUA – A woman jogging on a suburban road was injured by a can of ravioli thrown from a car full of teenagers.
The woman, who asked not be identified, said she suffered a serious contusion and strain to her chest, near the clavicle bone, early Monday evening as she jogged Gilson Road with a friend.The silver Honda first passed the woman and her female friend as they ran west against the flow of traffic, she said. The teens screamed something unintelligible as they sped by, but then the car turned around and approached the women, she said.

“A full can of Chef Boyardee hit me in the chest straight on,” she said. “I have the imprint of a can. It knocked the wind out of me.”
I hope the police can track down the criminals that did this. This is the time of year that the idiots always seem to go a little crazy. It seems every year at this time I have a few instances of things being thrown at me: fruit, cans of soda, and other things. I also get screamed at by kids driving by in cars. This current incident happened on Gilson Road in Nashua which I run on most of my running loops. I do hope this runner is OK as it is a terrible thing to happen.

I didn't get much running in since last Wednesday's track workout. I can't recall all I did during the week (old age), but I think my only run was the Mine Falls 5K Trail race on Monday. I felt sufficiently fattened by the Wednesday track workout last night. We did 4 X 1 mile with a 4 minute rest between each interval. My times were 5:41, 5:51, 5:53, and 6:00. In similar workouts last year, I never got under 6 minutes for any mile. I was happy with the splits after the limited running I had done this week. Some of the stretching, mobility work, and drills I had been doing helped, but the biggest thing I did was roll out my hamstrings and quads using a hard rubber baseball sized ball the night before. I have not done any foam rolling or massaging of my muscles since winter track time and I found a lot of tight spots.

Also on the track during the Gate City Striders workout was upcoming World Marathon Championships runner Nate Jenkins. He was doing a track 10K. Here is a recent Running Times article.

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