Saturday, February 23, 2008

TP Trigger Point Therapy

Another product that I can highly recommend for those seeking to recover their stride comes from a company called Trigger Point Performance Therapy. It is a step up from using tennis balls and foam rollers to release tension held within muscles. Many times I have felt wonderful after using the Massage Ball or the Quad Roller. Other times, however, they have not done what I would hope for and at times made things tighter. That could because I have done a movement wrong or maybe I just overdid it.

TheTrigger Point Performance Self Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage Ballis great if you have back or gluteal tightness. When you find the right spot you can feel the tension move away. I find the massage ball works best when placed against a wall and I lean into it. Otherwise I tend to overdue things with it, probably because it doesn't hurt at all and I must expect some pain to get relief. I sometimes use a baseball or other hard ball to try it relieve tension and these can work too. The Massage Ball and their other products are supposed to soften after a few seconds of use. I do find that the ball gets disfigured and doesn't last forever. I am on my second ball.

TheQuadballer Roller works like a foam roller. I find it a bit small and clumsy compared to a foam roller, but more effective when it works.

The FootBaller is a smaller Quad Roller and is effective on the soleus and lower leg in particular. You can put it on the baller block to do some work but it isn't always easy to keep it in place. You could use anything else to hold your foot up.

The Ultimate-6 Kit takes you through a good routine for runners using all of the above products. Sometimes I feel great after the routine but if I use it more frequently I find it tightens things up.

My dad is a club tennis player in his late 70's and never seems to get injured, unlike me! He recently, though, is fighting with Plantar Fasciitis and he thinks it could put a stop to his tennis playing days. I think I may see about getting him the this kit for dealing with this foot problem. Like a lot of athletes, I have met, he thinks whatever the doctor says goes and I don't want to see him give up his sport of choice over something that he may be able to heal with an alternative approach.

On a side note, since I have started the Z-Health program I have not used my foam rollers, TP products, or any other of my tools or techniques that I relied on daily to make it through the day and into the next workout. However, the thought of using the footballer on my lower leg seems real enticing at the moment and I think I will give it some time tonight. I realize I will have to find out what best compliments the joint mobility work I am doing. Will I find a stretching routine that works well or will I find that something like the TP products work best when things are on the mend instead of trying to pound some tight spot in my leg or back to try to put my body back into balance.

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