Thursday, July 24, 2008

Looking on the Bright Side of Things

Wednesday night it stopped raining for a bit right before the GCS track workout. There was a low runner turnout due to the rain but I joined the A group for the workout! There were only 3 other runners in the group but it felt good to be back with the guys I am used to running with, even if I couldn't keep up the whole way. We did 6 X 800 meters. The first 3 I did in about 3:00-3:02 but then on the the fourth I dropped down to 3:06. I changed shoes and the last two were in 2:56 and 2:58. About the changing of shoes: I wore the Nike Hayward shoes that I have been road training in for the first four. I never wear trainers on the track and even though these are lightweight trainers they still felt big, bulky, and unstable to me but I wanted to try them just to see how they felt. Then I put on my lightweight Saucony Kilkennys. They may be a 1/2 too small and not a perfect fit but I did appreciate the lightness and the ability to feel my feet on the track.

Today I went to Boston for an ART treatment (in the pouring rain again). The shorts I wore which fit well in April when I went to Hawaii are now way too loose. I had to hold onto them to keep them from falling off or to prevent myself from looking like a junior high kid in his low-riding pants! That means my work to eat less and to eat more nutritious food is starting to pay off!

As for the ART treatments, I am not sure if it is worth my time anymore. I only get 5 minutes and I can't even feel like he is putting any pressure on my muscles as I move throught the treatment. He doesn't really answer my questions and the communication is not clear as to what he thinking. Maybe his plans are right on, but I am losing confidence. It would be fine if he was just down the road, but I have to travel nearly 2 hours each way to get 5 minutes of treatment. The exercise he gave me today was to do a hip hiker. Here is the closest video I could find for the exercise. I have done it before- sometimes with good results- but I find it hard to figure out how to do it properly. He had me standing on the floor and bending the non-standing leg, rather than use a stool to stand on with a straight leg. I usually have done it on a stair. He mentioned my upper body was rotating a bit and to stand tall. Strangely enough this works the same muscle that I found was tender in its insertion point to the hip on Monday.

Here is Dave Scott giving directions on top 6 stretches for runners. Some of them are partner stretches.

Here he gives his top four stretches for the hips and glutes. These involve stretch cords or resistance bands.

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