Thursday, July 3, 2008

Recover Your Stroke

There will be no running the next three days. but I will be seeing lots of swimming. My daughter Hannah and I are in Omaha, Nebraska watching the Olympic Trials for swimming. We have great seats for all the races and we are staying at the Hilton that is connected to the Quest Center. There are athletes all around. While I would feel comfortable at the Olympic Track and Field Trials knowing who all the athletes are, at a swimming meet I know some names and only a few faces.

The first face we recognized was Michael Phelps' mother in our hotel. I watched a tall guy having a conversation and couldn't figure out who it was until the races at night when the interviewed him. It was Matt Biondi. We met Mary T. Meagher and saw lots of people that "could have been somebody" as they looked real familiar but I just couldn't place them.

The race atmosphere is great. The preliminaries in the afternoon had race after race. In the evening sessions with some finals it was more theatrical with lights, interview, announcements and more.

We are having a great time.


Emily said...

hey that is one cute girl (aka my sister) it looks like u had a lot of fun c u at home
love emily

Emily said...

i love the pic of hannah with some one swimming abover her kool

Steve W said...

Good to see you enjoying yourself in Omaha. Maybe 3 days off from running is just what you need!