Friday, December 25, 2009

Snowshoeing with my new Dion Snowshoes

Today I took a Christmas day snowshoe run on the fields at Nashua South with my new Dion snowshoes. Andy came along and ran with me in my old Tubbs 10K snowshoes. My new Dions felt fast and very light!


Clynton Taylor said...

These look great. I did my first run in snow with my VFF KSOs wearing Injinji Merino Wool socks and froze my toes. I'm usually not around snow (live near SF), but would love to try some snowshoe running. Thanks for the post.

Oh, and regarding your previous post on posture, are you familiar with the Alexander Technique? Seems like it could be similar. I don't know much yet, but want to meet with a therapist - seems like I could really benefit from it and it would help my running form.

Jim Hansen said...

Hi Clynton,
I bet that was cold with the VFFs. I think they are making a newer version that can handle the cold better, but you are brave to try that!

I have never had training in the Alexander Technique, so my assessment may be off, but it seems to be about the balance and relationship between the head and body. I like using Feldenkrais which seems to be more about relearning proper movement. The postural restoration stuff the PT is giving me seems to be about assessment and then using your muscles to move the bones back into prpoper alignment. There is more of a strenthening component to it.

There is a wonderful running book based on the Alexander Technique that talks a lot about running form. I reviewed it here:

Thanks for writing,