Monday, March 8, 2010

Kickbikes in Time Magazine

It is always nice to be slightly ahead of the curve and for two weeks in a row Time magazine has published exercise related articles on two of my favorite things! Harriet Barovick has an article in this week's issue of Time Magazine called, "Kickbike and Enjoy It."
Kickbikes, also known as footbikes or kick scooters, are being embraced as a fast, fun, furious way to cross-train, run errands, commute and even rehabilitate injuries.
I have used my kickbike since 2002. You can read a bit more of my 127 mile ride as well as find other links to articles and videos on kickbiking here. It is great to see Kickbikes get a little more publicity. I love using mine. In fact, a neighbor wanted to borrow one of my bikes on Saturday. I told him to use the kickbike as he was going to be riding on the rail trail with his son. My kickbike hasn't returned. Maybe he liked it so much he is not going to return it all! I better check into that!

Here is an article from the June 2009 issue of Running Times magazine that highlights kickbikes.

I ride the Millenium Racer model. Kickbike America has an ongoing sale of City Cruiser and the Sport Classic models. Footbike USA also sells racing models that are similar to the Kickbike.

Time magazine even has a video showing how dog mushers use kickbikes! Maybe I need to get a few dogs, so I can try that too!

Last week Time magazine had an article on Terra Plana shoe founder, Galahad Clark, as the company is unveiling its Vivo Barefoot Evo running shoe. The article is called The Cobbler's Child by Coeli Carr. I will not be buying a pair of the Evo shoes as long as they are at $160 per pair, but I am interested in the concept (link here). The only shoes I do wear when I am not running are my Vivo Barefoot Dharmas and Lesothos. The are the most comfortable minimalistic shoes that you could imagine. Here are a couple of my posts on Vivo Barefoot shoes. (here and here)

Here is a video on the Vivo Evo running shoe.

It is nice to see that Time magazine is writing articles about things that I enjoy that the rest of the world does not quite get-yet! I wonder how well the Vivo Barefoot Evo shoe would work on a Kickbike, as kickbikers are always trying to find the perfect shoe for kicking.

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