Monday, February 25, 2013

Posting Miles and The Millrose Games

After doing 71 miles miles the previous week, I needed a serious cut-back to let the blisters between my toes heal and to let my body recover. I did 24 miles as a recovery week and then got up to 50 miles last week. It is a slow progression, but I appreciate the fact that I am making progress forward.

Monday 1/11-0 miles
Tuesday 1/12-5 miles treadmill
Wednesday 1/13-8 miles outdoors (felt good for a change)
Thursday 1/14-0 miles
Friday 1/15-8 miles outdoors
Saturday 1/16-0 miles
Sunday 1/17-3 miles Freeze Your Buns 4 5K 24:10 on a cold, windy, and slippery day

Total miles for the week: 24 miles: 2013 total 206 miles: February total 109 miles

I skipped two snowshoe races I would have liked to have done both Saturday night and Sunday morning to see if I could improve my time at the 4th Freeze Your Buns race and it almost turned into a snowshoeable run. It was very cold with gusts of wind coupled with a light slushy slippery snow over some of the roads used in the race. In other words, the race was slow and miserable  I got passed by someone in my age group who put about 30-40 yards on my with about 3/4 of a mile to go. Then Bill Newsham ambled by me (while taking it easy). I recall having some good races against Bill in the low 18 minutes a few years ago during another Freeze Your Buns series and so when the footing got better, I decided to try to catch the guy in my age group ahead of me. I used Bill as a slingshot and caught back up to him and then went by him on a dry section of the road and then caught up to the guy in my age group and went by him too. I haven't had much drive (or speed) in any races post surgery, so it was good to get somewhat of a competitive drive back. Bill passed me back and I stayed ahead of the other guy by at least a couple of seconds. That was until I saw the results and they had him beating me in a tie. This is the second race in a row they have me in a tie with someone that was at least 10 yards behind me at the finish. The finish time was slow and the results don't matter, but I worked hard to get ahead of this guy and the results don't reflect that. The good news is that I am starting to feel competitive again! 

Monday: 1/18-10 miles treadmill
Tuesday 1/19-5 miles treadmill
Wednesday 1/20-5 miles treadmill
Thursday 1/21-10  miles treadmill
Friday 1/22-5 miles treadmill
Saturday 1/23-8 miles outdoors
Sunday 1/24-7 miles treadmill

Total miles for the week: 50 miles: 2013 total 256 miles: February total 159 miles

If you didn't get a chance to watch the Millrose Games last week, here are some videos of some very exciting and record setting races. 

Here is another fantastic race by 16 year old Mary Cain finishing second at the 2013 Millrose Games in another high school record. She is not only a super talent, but she is a great racer!

Here is the Millrose men's Wanamaker mile where Lopez Lomong sets a new Millrose record over Matt Centrowitz.

Here is the Millrose 2 mile. Bernard Lagat set the American indoor record and Edward Cheserek broke Gerry Lindgrin's 49 year old high school record.

The men's 600 was supposed to be a race between Nick Symmonds and recent record setter Duane Soloman, but the new American record went to the largely unknown Eric Sowinski. 

Alysia Montano also set an American record in the rarely run 600 meters.

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