Saturday, March 16, 2013

Roadrunner: Massachusetts State Song?

Across the border in Massachesetts, there is an underswell of support to make Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lover's song "Roadrunner" the official state song. They have some heavy opposition with another 1972 classic by Aerosmith in "Dream on". One reason why "Roadrunner" would make a great song for Massachusetts would be its heritage as the place for road racing in America. What? Well there is the Boston Marathon, America's greatest marathon and  the Falmouth Road Race, America's greatest road race. Also, think about Billy Rodgers and Johnny Kelley and a host of other great marathoners, track stars, and distance runners who got there start running on the roads of Massachusetts. I saw this video version of "Roadrunner" a couple of years ago which uses some classic video of some of the great road races from the early 1980s in Boston. I think these are from the 1980/1981 Freedom Trail race, the Boston Milk Run, and the `981 Bonne Bell 10K National Championships for women. I don't see video of the Falmouth Road Race even though it is mentioned on the video upload.

You can see a great dual between Alison Roe and eventual winner Jan Merrill at the Bonne Bell race, Rod Dixon beating Bruce Bickford and Greg Meyer at the 1981 Freedom Trail and George Malley winning the 1982 event. You can also catch glimpses of Bill Rodgers, Patti Catalano, Randy Thomas, Larry Olson, and even a bearded Tom Derderian among all the road racing fanatics of the early 1980s. I don't recall who the blonde headed Athletics Attic guy is who is winning one race. Does anyone know? John Flora, maybe?

This is quite a motivational video and while watching all the clips from these races, you can certainly say that every runner in these races was truly motoring!


Art @ Fit at Fifty said...

Just discovered your blog.
I really like how you preserve the history of running.

Jim Hansen said...

Thanks, Art!

George Malley said...

I put that video together with permission from JD Sports. I wonder why they chose "Roadrunner" instead of "New England"?

Jim Hansen said...

Great video, George!